The MBA Marketing and Finance

The MBA Marketing: to boost your career.

Marketing is vital for a business. It is the activity that will allow it to distinguish itself from its competitors, to make itself known and above all to target the right Best online business schools market.

The MBA Marketing is the highest degree in the field of marketing.

To integrate an MBA Marketing, it is necessary to have at least a License level and at least 5 years of professional experience.

The MBA Marketing is an MBA that attracts many students. Promotions therefore often have several candidates with a Master 1 or Master 2 level but without professional experience.

What is the program of this MBA?.

The MBA Marketing is highly sought after by companies. The winners have a better understanding of the market, both national and international. They participate in the implementation and monitoring of sales, communication and advertising strategies.

The MBA Marketing consists of compulsory modules, one or more specializations, one or more options, discussions, group work, case studies, an internship and a research dissertation.

Compulsory MBA Marketing modules.

The MBA Marketing begins with the learning of general subjects such as:

Intercultural management
Marketing (basics)
Human ressources

The specialization of this MBA.

The second part of the MBA training focuses on marketing. The candidates study all its aspects. Among the specialization modules we find:

Applied communication
Marketing studies
Media studies
Marketing Management
Sector Marketing
Trade policies
Students benefit from modules adapted to their future career. They also have the possibility of working on several case Best online business schools studies in direct partnership with companies. These same companies offer internships to students who wish to work in immersion.

As with every MBA, the training concludes with a thesis.

The MBA Marketing opportunities.

The MBA Marketing is a sought-after diploma and the laureates have no trouble finding a job after their training.

Following an MBA Marketing, students move to positions of responsibility in the field of Marketing in a national or international company. Among these positions are:

Marketing researcher
Marketing project manager
Marketing Product Manager
Marketing consultant
Marketing director
Marketing Manager.

The job-creating financial markets.

International Finance today requires a mastery of advanced financial techniques.

Deregulation makes it much easier for Best online business schools to access loans: this leads to an increase in the number of financial products and their trade.

Suddenly, the world’s stock exchanges are the very heart of capital exchanges. This economic revolution requires sharp experts.

The MBA Finance has two objectives:

Train candidates for the financial markets by specializing them in stock market techniques through the use of financial tools such as REUTERS, CQG, ICY, etc. ;
A specialization in corporate finance and market finance so that candidates become true experts.
What is the program of an MBA Finance?

MBA Finance candidates must hold:

either a BAC +4 / 5 specialized in management (MSTCF, MSG …);
or a diploma from a Best online business schools.
The MBA Finance consists of compulsory modules, one or more specializations, one or more options, discussions, group work, case studies, an internship and a research dissertation.

The compulsory modules of this MBA.

The MBA Finance, like other MBAs, begins with a refresher in the main areas such as:

Human ressources
Sales and negotiation.

The MBA Finance specialization.

The MBA Finance specialization modules are very different from one institution to another. The topics covered are the same, only the modules and the exercises are different. Among the themes we find:

International accounting
Business Law
Financial management
International financial markets
Financial options: Applied mathematics, market research …

The MBA Finance opportunities.

Obtaining an MBA in Finance gives access to positions of high responsibility, of course in the field of finance. Among these positions are:

Key positions in banks or with financial services
Head of an audit firm
Specialist in mergers and acquisitions
Financial Directors
Financial Analyst