Online Mba Programs : what do we learn in MBA?

Online Mba Programs

Understanding the online mba programs
An MBA, Master of Business Administration, is an international graduate diploma in business administration and management for executives.

The different MBA program provides candidates with answers to the basic questions of a manager:

How does a business work? The role, function and management of each service are taught. The objective and the different strategies of the companies are also analyzed to allow the candidates to consider the company as a whole online mba programs .

How to manage the business? The role of the manager is studied according to the service directed, the objectives of the service in question and the objective of the company. Management techniques are also taught.
How to analyze the business environment? All of the company’s links are recalled and analyzed: suppliers, sales networks, subcontractors, partners …

Give an international dimension.

The candidates, who are also the managers of tomorrow, learn everything there is to know about the company, its management and its role. But that’s not all !.

The candidates acquire this different knowledge taking into account the economic and political environment of the countries with which they are in relation.

Thus, the program includes courses in economics, politics, law and finance so that candidates learn to understand the business environment and therefore be more efficient.

One of the major objectives of the MBA is to open applicants to the international market. Many MBA candidates choose to move abroad after the training.

Multiculturality is present in the training both by the different nationalities of the students and by the content of the training.


MBAs use cases a lot. Students are brought together in small groups to solve business cases. Some MBAs, notably Harvard who invented it, make the case method the main educational tool in their program.

Case resolution is training in strategic analysis and decision making.

Courses in the MBA program.

The MBA program includes several general courses common to the different MBAs. A specialization and several options complete these general courses online mba programs and constitute the chosen MBA program.

The general courses and compulsory modules are as follows:

Performance management
Human ressources
Financial markets
Strategic implementation
Business strategy.

A specialization, several options and an internship in company complete these general courses and constitute the chosen MBA program:

The specialization provides additional and specialized knowledge in a sector chosen by the student: communication, marketing, human resources …
The options complement the training, they are very varied. For example, a student can choose Chinese, Indian market economics or British accounting online mba programs.
The end-of-study internship is generally a pre-employment internship during which the students have a targeted mission and in line with their training.

MBA skills.

At the end of an MBA training each candidate has increased their knowledge and skills.

The acquired capacities are:

the ability to manage;
team management;
business management;
knowledge of the political and economic environment;
understanding of accounting documents.
MBA program: what to expect?
Taking an MBA is not a decision to be taken lightly. The program is complete, the candidates will have to invest and have a great motivation.

An MBA is not a training in which one learns through theoretical courses. The MBA offers reflection and discussion around the different topics covered.

The case studies help to put the knowledge gained from the discussions into practice. They serve to have a more open vision of the online mba programs world.

Applicants must prepare:

a new working methodology;
to learn a lot;
how to speak English;
and how to reconnect with mathematics.
Doing an MBA is rewarding both professionally and personally.