online MBA Master of Business Administration

Definition of MBA.

An online MBA (Master of Business Administration), is an international graduate diploma in business administration and management. Aimed at executives, the MBA is considered a springboard for career and for salary.

The MBA allows an executive to access key positions in a company or to embark on an international career.

An MBA is only useful if the training completes a few years of experience. Unlike masters and masters, MBAs are not intended for students.

MBA: international recognition.

The MBA, originally, is an Anglo-Saxon diploma which was born at the beginning of the 20th century in the United States, at Harvard.

Today, thanks to globalization and the international context, the Master of Business Administration enjoys international recognition. It is taught in more than 120 countries.

A diploma created by professionals, for professionals.

The teaching of an online MBA is very different from that of a classic master. An MBA revolves around strategic management.

The case method.

The main originality of MBAs is the use of the case method. Students are offered numerous business cases, which they must resolve, usually in small groups.

The case method allows you to get used to analysis and decision-making.

An online MBA requires a lot of work outside of class.

Teaching areas.

This pedagogy applies to different areas such as:

economics, politics,
international business, marketing,
accounting, finance,
organization, management,
information technology management,
human resources.
For each career, an online MBA
Whether you are a doctor, lawyer, executive or engineer, there is an online MBA for you!

There are 2,000 MBA programs worldwide, including 80 in France. MBAs are offered in different formulas:

Full Time MBA.

The Full Time MBA is a full-time course. It lasts between 12 and 24 months and combines theory and practice.

The Full Time MBA is aimed at young executives who have little experience and who are able to resume their studies full time.

Part Time MBA.

The Part Time MBA (work-study MBA) is a course which has been designed for people wishing to keep their professional activity.

The courses take place in the evening or on weekends and last an average of 18 months.

Executive MBA.

The Executive MBA is a shorter course but is aimed at experienced executives. The Executive MBA prepares for a position of senior director or a management position abroad.

Most of the time, it is the company that offers this training for professional promotion.

Specialized MBA.

Specialized MBAs target sectors of activity such as finance, human resources, luxury, etc. These courses are to be preferred if the sector of activity is known.

Among the specialized MBAs, there are:

MBA Finance,
and MBA International Business,
also MBA Communication,
MBA Marketing,
MBA Human Resources,
MBAs for other sectors too,
Sectoral MBAs (tourism, luxury, etc.).
Doing an MBA: a personal and financial investment
Doing an MBA is an investment both financially and personally.

Training is expensive. In France, the price of an MBA varies between € 10,000 and € 40,000. The price depends on the establishment chosen and the accreditations obtained by the latter.

The selection is rigorous. The applicant must excel at TOEFL and GMAT. Like the price, the minimum score requested depends on the establishment.

The applicant must also have a good professional record, a complete CV and letters of recommendation.