Golden State Warriors Sweep LeBron! Kevin Durant Finals MVP! 2018 NBA


in NBA history there have been nine sweeps in the NBA Finals, and LeBron James he’s gonna get swept for the second time in his career, Steph Curry trying to draw the foul on a three he doesn’t get the foul but he still makes the three as he’s leaning in midair,
so that sweeping statistic that’s not something that LeBron wants to have on his resume but, hey unfortunately it happened and after the game it was a surprise.
but LeBron said at the press conference : that he broke his hand not after a game won he was so mad that he punched a black board, back in the locker room and he was dealing with a broken hand, a bone contusion in the hand, law excuses and then at the end of this game when he gets swept he didn’t even shake anybody’s hand he just went right to the locker room.

but this was a disappointing Finals to see the Bron gets wet because the war is they lost to everybody else in the playoffs, they lost in the first round second round third round, they lost the Spurs to the pelicans they almost got eliminated by the Rockets in my prediction I thought it was gonna be a six-game series, the Cavs they had their chances they blew two games Game one that was an epic breakdown it was so sad to see the Cavs lose that one Game three, they should have won that game as well but they just couldn’t close it out it was reminiscent of Game three last year.
Stephen Curry he was stat adding a little bit in this game he was trying to get that Finals MVP, but it’s gonna go to Kevin Durant curry had a terrible game three that’s what eliminated him from getting that Finals MVP, if you would have had a good game but now curry has just as many NBA championships as LeBron James and Kevin Durant has to so if the Warriors can win again next season, if they can three-peat then Kevin Durant is gonna have just as many NBA championships as LeBron James what do you think of that Wow so the robot was gonna get replaced and he got mad he must have heard me laughing at him he must’ve heard me laughing at that pathetic reason to get mad