Kevin Durant Deep Dagger 3! 43 Points Game 3! 2018 NBA Finals


It’s Game three of the NBA Finals but this is really Game seven for the Cleveland Cavaliers, you can’t afford to go down 0-3 against this Warriors team, LeBron lobs it to himself and throws it down he did that last year so he said you know what let me do that again.
this year they jump out to the big lead they’re hot Kevin Love gonna slash on Durant and just move him out of the way why doesn’t Kevin Love get more physical like that, how come we don’t see that happening more often, Kevin Durant he had a big performance 43 points 13 rebounds 7 assists the out plays LeBron James.
Kevin Durant is the Kingslayer although the King had a triple-double tonight he had 33 points 10 rebounds 11 assists, and Rodney hood he had a pretty good game, he scored 15 points off the bench there’s jr. Smith making it splash but game 3 it shows why Steph Curry cannot be the Finals MVP he had a terrible game so did klay Thompson, it was all Kevin Durant and that’s why I said before the finals LeBron has to outplay Kevin Durant, you can’t let him out do you like he did tonight it was just absolutely stunning what happened in this fourth quarter it was like deja vu, was the same thing we saw last year in Game three this was a winnable game.

the Cavs were supposed to win this one Durant to end the first half that is a big three to bring it within six that is sad for the Cavs because they played so great they were only up by six to end the first, McGee gets the rebound and finishes, the Cavs played really bad defense there were so many wide open layups and dunks that McGee and all the other players like Jordan Bell got look at Tristan Thompson when have you ever seen him do that go underneath and use the rim for protection with a crazy acrobatic layup, that was with the left hand to Durant working.

on the smaller George Hill that’s what I expected LeBron James to do at the end of Game one when he had Steph Curry on him I thought he would take the shot but he put that game he put the fate of that game in the hands / George Hill you see Rodney hood getting into some action again why wasn’t Rodney hood playing more in the first two games it makes no sense klay Thompson had just ten points tonight Steph Curry had 11 and he was three of 16 from the field it’s a one-point game Golden State they’re going to Kevin Durant that’s a tough shot off the dribble with Kevin Love defending warriors take the lead and then finally Steph Curry makes it splash he had such a terrible game but in the clutch he’s delivering a deadly three junior Smith misses rebounded they’re gonna kick it out to LeBron James who steps aside another three and it’s in that makes it a one-point game with two minutes to play and then Kevin Durant you already know he’s gonna hand it off to yogi who throws down a Maine slam over Tristan Thompson it’s a three-point game and look at this blue flip Durant from way downtown that looks like the three that Durant hit in Game three last year when he came down the court with LeBron James defending that is from way downtown warriors go up 3-0 the Cavs they might get swept Wow so the robot was gonna get replaced and he got mad he must have heard me laughing at him he must’ve heard me laughing at that pathetic reason to get mad Wes comedian